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Precor - Treadmill IFT Drive
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Precor - Treadmill IFT Drive

Product ID : 58125101
Price: $199.00
Manufacturer: Precor Fitness


Used On Models 9.57 (serial code AYYK, AGKF) C954i (120 VAC)(serial code AEXE, ADEY) C954i (120 VAC)(serial code ATTD, AB37) C956i (120 VAC)(serial code AJMB, AGJY) C956i (120 VAC)(serial code AYZD, AGKY) C966i (120 VAC)(serial code AA67, AABX) C966i (120 VAC)(serial code AADY, A884) TRM 811 TREAD,120V,NO CAP, (serial code AMWZ + A792) TRM 811 TREAD,120V,P10 915MZ,w/USB (AMWZ + AJYD) TRM 811 TREAD,120V,PVS,NA, (serial code AMWZ + AZAN + A798) TRM 811 TREAD,120V,PVS,NA,W/CC, (serial code AMWZ + AZAN + A798) TRM 811,TREAD,120V,PVS,NA,PEP&CC, (serial code AMWZ + AZAN + A798) TRM 811,TREAD,120V,PVS,NA,PEP, (serial code AMWZ + AZAN + A798) TRM 823 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + AAEZ) 915 MHZ TRM 823 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + ADGC) Blank Cap TRM 823 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + AEYK + AAEY) W/O Cap + PVS TRM 823 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + AEYK) W/O Cap TRM 833 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + A844 + AAEY) W/O Cap + PVS TRM 833 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + A844) W/O Cap TRM 833 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + AB78) 915 MHZ TRM 833 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + ATTT, AAGE ADHM, ) Blank Cap TRM 885 (120V (serial code AMWZ + AEYW) TRM 885 (120V) (serial code AMWZ + ADGW) TRM 885 TREAD 120V,SETTOP,NTSC (serial code AMWZ + AGMP) TRM10, Base, (8X5) (8X3), 120V (Serial Code A837) TRM10, HCOM, 120V, (serial code AMWZ)

Repair - You send you part/Yours Returned :

You ship your part to us.  We will repair, test and ship it back to you.


Reconditioned - We ship you the part.  This is done without returning anything to us.


New - We ship you an unused, new part and there is nothing to ship to us.

Please ship all parts to :

800 Wilburn Rd Suite O

Sun Prairie, Wi 53590


**Not all parts can be repaired.  If your part is deemed unrepairable it can either be destroyed at no extra charge or it can be shipped back to you are your expense.



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